Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thought we'd get with the times

After much thought, some stubbornness and a mexican standoff (much like our battle with getting cell phones) we decided to bite the bullet and get this thing rolling. Seems like the best way to let anyone (who cares) know about what's happening with us. And...we can't lie, we were really jealous of your blogs.


Anonymous said...

Great job - we're so glad you did it!
You don't need to jealous any more!

carolineasay said...

cute cute cute! Thank you guys for sharing. Love the flossy picture- we may need to use that one for a dental poster or something in the dental office :) Hey, no need to be jealous, just visit our blog and you'll realize how behind we are!!! We're hoping by announcing we have a blog, that we will feel pressure to keep it up, not so much for other people but just for posterity sake. Love you guys, We think your blog is one of the cutest by far!! Not that we're biased or anything :)

Doug said...

Eric we love the blog, but we're sad we didn't know about it earlier. Look forward to some more scintillating stuff.