Monday, August 31, 2009

She's Walking! But not really.

This picture is completely unrelated, but I was shocked by the length of Jack's hair in the last pics I posted. His hair hasn't been that long for a while now, but we didn't have any current pictures to post.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Remember back when we first started blogging and I posted about how much I loved it and how fun it was? I've changed my mind. Lately, I want to do ANYTHING but blog. I love looking at every one else's blogs, but I haven't been in the mood to update my own (or comment on other's)for a long time. So I need to apologize to the out of towners who we started this blog for so they could witness our little cuties growing up. For you (mostly Grandmas and Aunts) I'll try to post pictures a little more often.

-Happy most of the time, unless he misses his nap, or you touch his trains.
-Sleeps in a toddler bed.
-Stays in bed (both in the morning and after naps) until mom comes to get him.
-Knows all his letters and their sounds.
-NEVER stops talking.
-Loves to ride his bike, slide, and play chase.
-Loves his Addie Bean, and sometimes calls her Busy Beaner (its so cute when he says me)
-Is still obsessed with trains.
-Still sucks his thumb and takes Blankie everywhere.
-Has to cuddle '2 minutes' before going to bed.
-Loves to watch Dora and actually responds when she asks him to.
-Adores his cousins.

-Still Bald!
-Spends half her day laughing, and the other half screaming.
-Sleeps through the night
-Always steals big brother's juice cup...even when she has her own.
-Crawls super fast.
-Stands on her own, and can take 1-2 steps before falling.
-Has three teeth and is working on 3-4 right now.
-Dances to the Dora theme song and yells 'Map' when she hears Jack doing it.
-Loves her Paci.
-Refuses to wear headbands.
-Claps, waves, and kisses.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Excellent Town Hall Meeting Response

Friday, August 21, 2009