Sunday, May 11, 2008

DP addict?...maybe

Some people say that I have a Dr Pepper addiction. Here's the thing, Dr Pepper is a superior beverage. I'm not exactly opposed to drinking other drinks in the rare event that I find myself without Dr Pepper. (I usually carry a small supply) But it doesn't make sense to force myself to drink something useless like water or something I just don't like the taste of when the satisfaction provided by Dr Pepper is unsurpassed. Plus, In order to find out if you are addicted to something don't you have to try and quit? Unless I get a raging ulcer or lose control of my bowels as a direct result of downing ounce after carbonated, caffeinated, blissful ounce of Dr Pepper I don't plan on abstaining from it. After all the name of the drink is Dr Pepper. I don't think a doctor, especially a doctor of beverages, would encourage me to drink anything that could potentially cause harm. Unless the good doctor has an even better remedy for any detrimental causes incurred by the constant use of the product. In that instance I'm not sure I would care. If there is something out there better than Dr Pepper I want it. Even if that means I have no teeth, weak bones and a colostomy bag I want to taste it. But until that fateful day I shall continue drinking, nay savoring every drop that spills on to my tongue from those wonderful little aluminum packages of joy.


Doug said...

You're addicted! You're a Pepper too. Hey, have you ever tried water? It's is awesomely refreshing.

Anonymous said...

You make a good argument! The Dr. P part isn't so bad - it's the addict part! But you are a Pepper and we love you! When you bleed Dr. Pepper it might be time to cut back (HA)!