Monday, May 5, 2008

and the award goes to...

When I work in the Park City office there is kind of an ongoing competition to see what ridiculous songs we can get stuck in each others heads. This is focused primarily between Randy, Luis and myself. One day I started singing a Steve Winwood (guilty pleasure) song. I think it was "higher love" or "back in the high life". It was one of those you can hear early on a Saturday morning on Jack fm and if you're all alone (or if you're me anywhere) you will sing the crap out of it. After realizing that he was singing the Steve Winwood song I was singing Randy mentioned that he loved, as do I, those guys that are white as can be but sound black when they sing. This grew in to a rabid search for the blackest sounding white singer any of us could find. There were several names tossed around however after a heated debate and conclusive evidence the top 4 emerged. Before you start listening to any of the links below it is imperative that you close your eyes and think to yourself "mmm, yeah this could totally be billy ocean".

4. Randy Newman(one of the greatest movie soundtrack artists ever)

3. Steve Winwood (guilty pleasure)
man i really love steve winwood songs

2. Michael McDonald - for a white guy he's packing the soul -

1. The runaway, landslide winner was and is Rick Astley

even though he really sucks at dancing (he's better than me) and he kind of looks like matthew broderick from ferris buellers day off


Willits said...

wow! i didn't even know randy newman was white. good list but i would definitely have to add jonny lang to the list. if you haven't heard him you need to look him up. me and brad love his music!! he cut his debut album at age 16 in 1997-8. i think you'd like him.

Brady and Taryn said...

That was amazing. It kinda reminds me of Brady singing when he thinks no one can hear (big deep voice coming out of a skinny white boy).