Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Speedy McSpeederton

I got pulled over yesterday for the second time this month. It's not cool. The first was a blatant "quota" ticket (11 miles over, baron highway, last day of the month). Luckily the second time I got away with a written warning but still there's few things that stink as much as that feeling when you see the cop whip around and flip on the lights. With the number of meth labs in this state I find it curious that I keep getting pulled over. Am I really the biggest threat to society?


Anonymous said...

Hey - I think they need another extra for the speed racer movie (HA)!

Miss H said...

Oh those long boring Wyo roads! It is so easy to get going just a little faster than you should. Doug got pulled over twice in one day on a trip from WY to CO.
Now that was an adventure!

Doug said...

And I didn't actually get a ticket. Send me $5.00 and I tell you how.

Amy said...

The only time David has gotten pulled over and given a speeding ticket was in WY. The worst part is that we were caravanning with my parents. They made sure to honk and wave as they drove by us and the highway patrolman.