Sunday, May 25, 2008


You know it seems to me that my parents and my in-laws have always dressed like respectable human beings. They wear clothes that are fitting for their age bracket and they manage to look decent doing it. There seems to be growing confusion among people who should know better about what age to dress. My thinking is this, don't dress like your kids! I don't go around wearing onesies and footed pj's, but even if I did I wouldn't look half as ridiculous as these 60 year old guys I see walking around with highlights in their hair, earings, soul patches, chops, abusing the words "dude" and "bro" sporting skater clothes and wearing sunglasses even though they're inside.


Doug said...

Nice Post Dude.
Hey, can I keep wearing my cargo shorts, t-shirts and flips? Let me know if I am too much of a geek dork. I promise I'll be careful what I wear around you if you tell me the truth.
Thanks Bro.

Tastes Kinda Minty said...

Where are you when you see such interesting people? I didn't know that Evanston had such a variety of older people. Are they at the Sr. Citizen Center?

Saric said...

I mostly spot them in Park suprise there I guess.

- Doug, I think your style of dress is completely acceptable, you're a gentleman and a scholar.

Willits said...

boy am i glad your not one of those guys who tries to dress younger than he is. i don't think i could handle the onesies. footed pajamas? maybe. but not the onesies.

Brad and Carrie Willits said...

Eric, I'm offended! That's the only plan I had for my quarter/mid/three quarter life crisis'. -Brad