Wednesday, May 21, 2008

some thoughts

I bet if Canada had it to do over again they would name it Canadia.

We as a society have severly under-rated Aaron Neville's greatness.

I wish Hank Hill was president.

Oprah Winfrey is the devil.

The geico gecko is a million times cooler than the caveman.

If you have a mullet, a handlebar mustache and own a bolo tie, I bet you also have tinted glasses.

It used to be that all the funny black guys were fat but now they are all skinny.

In a three way fight to the death between spiderman, batman and superman I bet batman wins.

The best reality show ever created is DEA. Thank you Al Roeker.

Does anyone watch baseball on tv?

One time I told my uncle greg that Jethro Tull was named after a high school janitor, he disagreed and he was wrong.

I wonder who builds better barns...Amish or polygamists?


Doug said...

Are these really your thoughts?

Also. Superman would!

Dave said...

Thoughts in response to your thought:

I DO call it Canadia. Seriously. I do.

You're wrong. Superman would win. It wouldn't even be a contest.

The Amish build better barns.

Saric said...

Dave thanks for your insight. I still think Batman wins, this is why: In a fight to the death someone is going to come packing the kryptonite and lots of it. So Superman is the first one out. Then its a battle of Batman's gadgets and strength v. Spiderman's "sense" and web shooting ability. In the end, I predict a Batman victory.

Also I think your right, Amish do build better barns but I bet polygamists build em faster.

Brad and Carrie Willits said...

My vote between Hank Hill and Hillary Clinton would definitely have to go to....Hillary. Wait, I meant to say Al Roeker-er. Yeah.

Why would anyone think about Polygamists or the Amish? No offense to any Amish reading this. Hey, more importantly, what the H are they doing with a computer!

Agreed. Oprah most certainly IS the Devil even though anyone might prefer Adam Sandler.

The Bradford said...

wow....this was amazing!