Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Reunion

We had a reunion on the Aanerud side of the family. Everyone was able to make it, even with the plane delays and traffic problems, and it was so fun to have everybody here! Grandma's house was the hub, which was so fitting because she wouldn't have had it any other way. She loved all the chaos we all bring, and she loved to take care of everyone.

You probably won't be surprised when I tell you we have very few pictures to document all the fun. It seems that Eric and I both hate to stop and take pictures. Lots of people are able to really enjoy the activities while taking pictures, but I can't. Which leads to very few pics...sorry! I'm sure Danielle will have more pictures to post later, so watch for those if you're interested!

We had a pretty relaxing time. We went on lots of walks around Bear River and down town because the weather was pretty amazing! There was a hike up Bald Mountain, lunch and smores at Grandma's trailer, lots of delicious meals, lots of tantrums from my over tired children, much needed rests, fun conversations and catching up, and of course...more fireworks than necessary! I thought the fireworks were extra fun this year because we did our own show on Saturday night, and actually got to watch the city show on Sunday night. Usually we do both at the same time. Another reason fireworks were so fun for me this year is because right at the very beginning, Addie and Jack both fell asleep! How they slept through all the noise, I'll never know, but I loved it!!

The last of the family left yesterday, and we've all been feeling the let down. There's no one here to play with. We're sad it's over, but I guess it will be nice to get the kids back into their routines.


Carrie said...

you may not have taken many pictures, but i love the ones you DID take. it looks like a lot of fun. cute pics of all the aanerud kids. those fireworks look pretty fun too. we didn't even watch any fireworks this year. isn't that sad?

danielle said...

we had a blast and can't wait to get together again! i will try to post soon, but i have to buy a new computer so it may be a bit :( i am seriously missing all the blogging I could be doing! we love you and the family!

taryn said...

Wow that looks like quite the reunion! Nothing like blowing things us to unite a family :) How nice that J and A were asleep during the whole thing! That really does make it so much more enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

What a great time of year for a reunion! Perfect weather, good times outdoors, and TONS of fireworks! I love all the pictures! Looks like you all had soooo much fun!

Kristi Clinger said...

I saw your cute sister at the temple a week or so ago.

Kristi Clinger said...

My first comment was to Eric. Sorry, I just realized I know both of your(E&S) sisters.
I see Sarah's sister(Kjrsten-I probably butchered the spelling of her name) a lot since she is in my stake and we attend the same building. She's actually in the same ward as my parents.