Monday, July 19, 2010

Memories for the Mama

This post is just for me. Lately I've been feeling like there are things I'm gonna forget if I don't hurry and get them down, so...

About a month ago, Addie figured out how to use her jammies as one huge pocket. She would go to the toy box and start shoving things down the legs. She quickly realized it wasn't that great of an idea. I know you have to have been there to find it as humorous as I do, but I thought it was really funny!

Yesterday, I was sweeping the kitchen. Jack wanted to help so I let him mop the bathroom. I walked by after I finished my stuff and I heard him singing..."wash a washin', wash a wash a wash a washin' He was singing to the tune of 'Holding Hands Around the World' which is a Primary song that he's been working on...and he loves it.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! What a stash - and what a shock when she found out that those toys squished in her jammie leg HURT! Those pictures tell the story perfectly - I can see her excitement at first; and feel her pain at the end!
Jack is a great worker - he's already learned that singing while you wok makes the chore fun and go faster!
Those are some CUTE little Aanerud kids!
Love, grammy

Carrie said...

ha ha! i don't think you need to be there to find that funny. she's so cute. silly girl!

diana said...

Addie is hilarious!!!
I just love hearing little kids singing, their voices are just too sweet.

taryn said...

They are so funny! Love you guys :)

caroline said...

love the sequence of pictures and the funny story it tells! I can't believe Addie fit all of that in those jammies! and what a cute little helper boy you have!