Monday, June 28, 2010


I don't know if it's just because it's Monday morning or if it's more because I am so excited for this week that I can hardly stand it but I'm having a hard time focusing and getting anything done today.

The Tour de France starts this Friday. I watched a bit of a preview last night with Sarah (yes, I have somehow gotten her excited about international cycling) and I am giddy.

When drinking my 9:30 Dr. Pepper this morning I thought I tasted a hint of prune juice. Dr. Pepper is so good, I'm glad the prune juice is minimal. The last time I had a full glass of the stuff it resulted in me being down a pair of knickers and my bowels taking on a life of their own.

Speaking of knickers, why do the British pronounce the word "aluminum" "alu-minium"? I don't get that. Now I am no pronunciation maven like my good friend Becki Howard (really funny post) but I can't make sense of it all.

My family comes in town on Thursday. I am lousy with excitement. Evanston allows high end fireworks, one level shy of what the pros use. Needless to say I am going to be exploding a lot of money this weekend, I'll report back on the final finger count after it's all done.

I watched David Blaine levitate on television yesterday and I can't get it out of my head. He's like a tricky little leprechaun that one.


taryn said...

This makes me wonder if we were watching the same David Blaine marathon last night. Did you also see when he turned 1 dollar bills into 100 dollar bills? Tricky little leprechaun indeed.

Have fun with your family!

Sarah said...

I too find it surprising that you have somehow convinced me that cycling is interesting to watch! But in real life, I AM excited for the Tour!

Also, I didn't know the British pronounced aluminum that way.

danielle said...

i CANNOT wait for this weekend either! i am pumped up!!! seee you thurs!!!

B'sAntiBlog said...

Make a video of your fireworks show please!