Wednesday, June 25, 2008 last!!

Since its nice outside and it only stays that way for a couple of months we figured we better spend some quality time out there while we can. Jack likes to follow Eric everywhere he goes. While watching Eric water the grass Jack has developed a fondness for the water hose.

He likes the water, but its too cold to swim in. I bought a little blow up pool at Smith's the other day for $3.50. I didn't want to spend too much money on it since we probably weren't gonna get a ton of use out of it. I filled it up and let it sit for a few hours hoping that the sun would warm it up enough to jump in. It didn't. I got Jack in his suit and brought some toys with us. I put him in a really shallow part (our backyard slopes a little) where really only his toes were getting wet. He wasn't thrilled. I put my feet in to see how bad it was. It was quite cold. Anyway, he doesn't love the pool for swimming, but he did have hours of fun using the toys to scoop water from the pool to my legs and his feet. I didn't love the cold water being dumped on me all of the time, but he was having so much fun.
This is from the next day when the water finally warmed up a little bit.

He also loves to draw with chalk on the driveway in our backyard. Its fun to watch little kids use sidewalk chalk because the sidewalk looked almost completely clean, but Jack had chalk all over his clothes and even in his ear. I have to watch him closely too because he likes to take bites out of the chalk. I don't really understand it. I figured after one bite he would realize that it had a disgusting taste and knock it off. He didn't.
Can you see the teeth marks?
Jack also loves his beach ball. Eric will throw it up and it hits Jack on the head. He then chases it down and jumps on top of it and rolls over. He hits his head pretty hard every time, but loves it too much to care.


Brad and Carrie Willits said...

you're not alone. Griff is the same with chalk. we KEEP going out with our chalk and i keep thinking things will change but they never do. he takes big bites out of it. it's disgusting!

Shelley said...

My trick to get the little ones to enjoy the pool is to add a few pitchers full of HOT water from the house to the cold water in the pool and it usually does the trick! (If your washing machine is close to your back door you can actually hook your hose up to the hot water!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Jack is getting so big - such a little boy and not so much a baby! I loved seeing him roll around on the ball! So CUTE! Water is for sure a magnet to little kids! There must be a little something yummy in chalk for kids that we can't recognize?

Amy said...

I love the ball video. He's so cute! As for eating chalk, I'm sure he just wants to internalize his art.

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Cute!! I had he same problem with our pool (too cold)...I've brought out huge pots of hot water from the kitchen sink and dumped it into the pool so it wasn't so cold. It helped!! Cute pics ;) That's funny how he rolls over the ball...Portie does the same thing!! :)

PS I FINALLY mailed that box to ya today, so it should be there in a few days :) Sorry it took so long.

becky said...

I remember summers in Evanston. They are wonderful! My dad used to hook up the hose to the water heater to get my pool warm. Then there was the big outdoor pool. That finally got warm in late July!
Jack is growing up so fast! Can't wait to see him (and you guys) again!

Ryan & Danielle said...

haha, i can't believe it isn't hot enough to hop in the pool yet for you guys! i am seriously jealous! we melt everytime we step out of the front door!

chalk tastes pretty good, you should try it...with a little ketchup or something. :)

jackson is getting so grown up! i bet he is ready for another playmate! can't wait!

Kristi & Nathan said...

That ball video was the funniest. I cannot believe that it's not warm enough to swim, that's wild! The heat here must have fried my brain because I cannot even comprehend it! He's such a cutie are you ready for 2?

Brady and Taryn said...

mmm....sidewalk chalk.