Friday, June 6, 2008

How not to live

If you have an uneasy stomach you may not want to read this. If you read anyway don't blame me when you lose your lunch on your keyboard.

One of the fun parts of my job is the war stories we tell to each other about the unexplainable phenomena we see but that can proven exists because we are more or less required by government entities to photograph them. I was thinking about one of the most incredible (not in a good way) houses I had ever been in. I'll just say that it was foreclosed on and had no utilities for several months. Apparently the people living there weren't fazed by such minor setbacks and continued to press on. Usually the first thing I experience (with my senses) when opening a door to a house is a smell of some kind. This is exactly what I was expecting, so you can imagine my surprise when after opening the door the first thing out wasn't a smell at all but flies hitting me in the face. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Couldn't make the mortgage payment (which was about $280) but there was a 2' layer of beer cans in this room. (Fist pump while whispering "yes" is the appropriate response)

I'm not sure you can make this out, so I'll explain. That grey matter that is grouped together on the floor is pooh. I'm no expert but knowing what I do about feces I could tell there were at least 4 different kinds: a rabbit, cat, rodent of some kind, and either a large dog or a human. Why do people like this always have a million pets? By the way the fish tank dwellers didn't make it.

Who needs a functioning toilet when you have milk jugs? What you can't see are all the ones that are full, and yes that is used toilet paper you see. You're welcome for sharing this with you.

Nothing like a tidy kitchen with pooh on the carpet. Just makes you want to cook some eggs.

Basement. I'm not sure that even if you washed the clothes in those machines that anything is getting clean. You know when you are unloading the dryer and a sock falls to the floor and you think to yourself "oh shoot, now its dirty again" I wonder what they did?

If it were me I think I would have tossed in a few grenades and walked away. But you'll be happy to know that it is currently being used as a rental. (again, victorious fist pumping is in order)


becki said...

Holy Crap. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Doug said...

I'm not sure what he big deal is, my apartment in college looked just like this.

Amy said...

The first picture reminded me of this report I saw on the news awhile ago.

The rest of the pictures... well I'm just glad they are as small as they are :)

Brady and Taryn said...

My number one question is Who in the world would rent this place after someone pooed all over it?

Becky said...

Man how do you look at that stuff and not toss your cookies? I can not imagine living like that!
You are a very brave man!

Brad and Carrie Willits said...

thanks for the warning. i should have listened. i had to look away a couple times to keep from puking. we JUST had dinner.

Anonymous said...

You need one of those hazard suits when asked to walk in to a place like this!!

The Jeppsen 5 said...


Kristi & Nathan said...

Oh my gosh that is so freakin nasty. When Nathan used to a/c and heating he would see all kinds of nasty stuff in people's houses and tell me all about it. It is unbelieveable how some people live.

Anonymous said...

i will never think our house is too dirty after seeing those!!! YIKERS!!!

~d and ryan

caroline said...

Zach's response to this picture- "uh oh!, someone's in trouble". That's the sickest thing I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing :)-