Thursday, June 12, 2008


Jack is really persuasive when it comes to getting more than one cracker or cookie at a time. We have discovered lately that what he likes to do is take the extra snack and hide it in a place where he is likely to find it in a couple of days. Every once in a while we will see him chewing something and wonder what it is or where he got it. Today he found solace in a week old teddy graham he hid behind the treadmill. Thank goodness for preservatives.

Jack loves playing with cars. Cars are the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up and the last thing he gets to take with him to bed.

Some faces.

I thought the fan belt on the swamp cooler looked pretty good but Jack recommended that we replace it. It was pretty helpful advise.

I took this picture accidentally but I think its hilarious. How is it possible that his little neck holds up that big old head and fat cheeks.

Playing with cars often takes up the entire front room of our house.
(Please don't judge us too harshly for the messes you always see in these videos...our basement is almost finished)


Shelley said...

He is 100% boy...for sure! Isn't it funny that the love for cars seems to come naturally to them? It must be that testosterone...they never seem to grow out the car stage! ;)

Anonymous said...

What a fun update on Jack! I love all the pictures (even the neck)! I love the one of him and Eric - what great helper he is - he is his daddy's son! (sort of scares you - how much they imitate what you say and do!) Jack does love his cars and why not when he is so good at it - what a great sound and moves!

Brad and Carrie Willits said...

little cutie! i LOVE seeing the Jack pictures. i especially loved the chin picture. i couldn't stop laughing. that IS one big head. i JUST finished watching the video and colsie is already screaming, "do it again mama!"

Brady and Taryn said...

I love the one of Jack on the couch with all of his cars and trucks around him and the fact that he is wearing one sock. The kid is cute!

Amy said...

I love that he hides his snacks... sounds like he'll be a Provident Living advisor when he gets older :)

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Cuuuuuute!! I love all the cool sound effects and the rolling around on the floor!! ;)

Becky said...

Jack is a keeper! Isn't it just amazing that little guys learn car and truck sounds without telling them! What a boy!

caroline said...

what a character! a really cute one! you could probably publish the small neck big head picture, or have dad paint it- it's pretty awesome! I love Jack's blue eyes and pearly whites too. Seriously we may borrow some of the cheeser pictures for the dental office.