Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eric's Rant

Can someone please name 1 thing that our government does well. Just one thing. Think about this. One service provided by the government that you really enjoy and look forward to. I have been thinking about this for a month and haven't come up with anything yet. Isn't anyone else worried about the cost/benefit ratio here? I get taxed every time I turn around and every time I turn on the news I see how the government has come up with another bonehead plan to spend outrageous sums of money. Meanwhile the democrats want to grow the government. Can you believe that? You are still trying to think of something they do well right? Did you know it costs the government about 5 cents to make a penny? Are you kidding me? And the democrats want more government responsibility. Can you imagine a private company staying in business more than a day if the product they were providing cost 5 times more than the worth of that product. Why are we even making pennies? Who uses them? The government can't do anything right or quick much less both. I have always been under the impression that we pay taxes in order to receive some service from the government. I can't think of a single instance where an interaction with a government entity was enjoyable. I mean sitting in the DMV for 4 hours to get a piece of plastic is unreal. Can you imagine any other place staying in business if it took hours before you received any service? And then, finally, when you got to talk to someone they were completely rude and powerless to resolve any kind of complicated issue. Yeah that's a great idea let's put the government in charge of more things. By the way has anyone seen the social security fund? You know the fund we all pay in to every month or year? Oh, that's right that was spent (thanks democrats for tapping that fund and spending it) but for some reason we are all still paying in to it (as if it exists), every month, every year. Did you know that Barak wants to increase health benefits for the unemployed. That's right, people that are too proud or too lazy to go and get a job (wal-mart has health benefits by the way) he wants to provide better health care for them. That's our tax dollars at work! We are about to elect a 2 year senator with no executive experience to finish running this country in to the ground. In my opinion the taxes that are forced on us today are at least as onerous, if not more so than those that spurred the revolutionary war. And when Barak gets elected we are going to have a democrat controlled government. PS the government network of restaurants has lost 2 million dollars so far this year. (who knew such a thing even existed?) I think the glenn beck article I'm getting this from mentioned that the roughly 100 government restaurant employees average wage is $37,000 annually, with federal benefits. Are you upset yet? Meanwhile I'm paying $4 for gas $3 for milk and still have to press #2 in order to hear the automated phone system in English.


Doug said...

Do you feel better? I do. Oh and by the way it's not just the democrats anymore. Big-spend-entitlement-liberal-(they prefer to be called moderate)republicans are also liberal socialists.

It's sad that the Republican party has sold out.

So this election year, take a sit in your most comfortable lawn chair, make up a big batch of lemonade and vote for the liberal of your choice, but please vote.

Dave said...

Eric for president.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain - it's going to be a long election!

Ryan & Danielle said...

yup, i think we will just move to russia for the next 4-8 can come visit!! :)

but seriously, i hate the lazy mo-fo's! can't believe that they want to give more to those who don't do anything and nothing to those who do something. AND i can't believe that we have to press #2 for freakin english too! that's some bs!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

That's what happens when you watch CNN.

Amy said...

At least our media outlets aren't liberalized too... oh wait.

caroline said...

Amen to that.

Kristian said...

hey now, us Demos aren't all that bad. Aanerud, it's your Papa, Odland here. I randomly ran across this blog and HAD to say hello. Been wondering what you are up to these days. Hit me back on my blog(s) or email, would love to catch up.

Klems and Kisses

Kristian Odland

Email me dang it! I'm sick of no one from the mission keeping in touch.