Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Zack Morris v. Jack Bauer

I used to wonder about when that point was when you stopped keeping up with new music and when you stopped caring that your clothes weren't exactly "trendy" - When you settled on that haircut you felt most comfortable with.

I think I'm there.

My clothing is based far more on comfort than how much of a dork I look like, though I am fully aware that I often look dorky or out of sorts. I have now been sporting a shaved head for the majority of the last 10 years and more often than not I find myself humming along to the adult contemporary classics in grocery stores rather than being annoyed.

Is this something that can be blamed on kids? Maybe it is just a matter of life throwing its full spectrum of demands on your time at you and a matter of prioritizing. At any rate - I appreciate my friends and family who have a pulse on things so I can at least try to mimic them when needed. (Needed, of course, is a relative term)


Dave said...

Wow. I relate.

Carrie said...

yes, i too have found myself humming along to elevator music.

i see it as a good thing. you're comfortable with yourself.

i think it IS having kids that does it to you. at least for me, as i try to teach them what's important in life i sometimes realize my priorities need to shift a little.

ryan and danielle said...

you have grown up to be like mom and dad :) hahah. it's a good thing, i think as you get older your priorities do shift and being the coolest kid with the hot wardrobe/hair no longer matters. love yall!