Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What do you feed YOUR kids?

This is kind of a silly post, but I really do need the help. Jack won't eat just anything, and I'm kind of sick of the lunches he will eat. He eats chicken nuggets, fish sticks, pb&j, and occasionally he'll eat something out of the ordinary. What do you guys do to get your little ones to eat? Do you present it in a fun way, do you have other food ideas that kids will like, do you give up and let them eat the same thing over and over? Are you diligent about getting them something from each of the food groups? Help me!

This little guy thanks you!


Eric & Kristi said...

Each kid goes through this stage. It's normal. Have you tried cheese and crackers(ritz)? or grilled cheese? Does he like fruit?
Something fun we do is in a cupcake tin. I'll put different things in each hole to build a mini sandwich. example: cubed sandwich bread, cut up lunch meat, cubed cheese, ritz crackers, carrot sticks, fresh fruit(grapes, sliced apples-might trying to take the skin off-, cantalope etc.)
Then we eat this picnic style on a blanket in our living room while watching a cartoon or tv show.
We use toothpicks to eat with to build our sandwich. ie, on the toothpick put a piece of bread, lunch meat and cheese. We even use our hands.
The kids love it.

ryan and danielle said...

uh a picky eater huh?! well, i wish i could help but all i feed our "kids" is dog food, don't think yackers would like that too much. i once saw something on the food network though that a lady made like caterpillars out of apples and carrots and peanut butter that way it kind of disguises it. can't remember her name but maybe if you made like trains or something, he might like that?? that is as helpful as i can be. hahah. sorry.

Shelley said...

It's seriously a nightmare. Some "kid foods" my kids like are grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, breakfast stuff like pancakes and french toast, and anything that is cut up and in finger food form. I have found that the presentation is more important than the actual food. They will eat anything that is called a "picnic" or where they get to use toothpicks to pick it up and eat with. Stuff like that. Good luck. I am pretty sure this is just a stage all kids go through. And I heard they really don't need many calories at this age, so not to worry...they will eat when they are hungry.

Petunia+Poppy said...

we try not to accomidate the kids. i know that sounds mean but our theory is that they will learn to eat what they have in front of them, and like it.

we make whatever we want for dinner that night and if they don't eat it, we don't make a big deal out of it. we just remind them that dinner's almost over and it will be sad if they haven't eaten because they'll be hungry. if they're still not eating we say, 'when the small hand on the clock points down and the big hand points up (or whatever), dinner is over, and if you haven't eaten that's too bad, so i'd hurry if i was you.' if they still don't eat, that's the end (of course there's a lot of begging later that night). we try never to give in and make them something else. they had the choice to eat and they chose not to.

the next day they'll hopefully remember that they need to take advantage of dinner when it's available. i think this has worked pretty well. there are always the difficult nights but for the most part, they eat what we give them.

and of course we don't always make exotic things that only adults like. we make mac&cheese, pizza, and sandwiches too, but we always encourage them to at least TRY our food. and they DO love to be involved. letting them help cook, makes them want to eat it more, i think. they like to help pour things in and stir, and if you can give them a few bites as you go, they think it's fun because they're helping mommy. they don't even realize they just ate a vegetable. individual pizzas are fun. they can put the toppings on, spread the sauce, put it in the oven. . . .

the only time we make them something else is if it's a particularly strange or spicy meal that we've made. like kung pao chicken. they didn't seem to like that and we thought it was probably too spicy anyway so we made them something else. but only after they tried a bite.

and now they'll try interesting foods when we're out at restaurants. they don't always need chicken nuggets or pizza. we went to a korean restaraunt and their favorite food was the squid. even i wasn't a big fan, but they LOVED it. they called it 'alligator'.

anyway, i hope that wasn't just a big rambling mess. sorry it was so long. hopefully there was something useful in there.

The Jeppsen 5 said...

I knew Carrie would have good ideas :)

You're not alone!! My kids have the same things every day too. Hot dogs, corny dogs, chicken nuggets, sandwiches (cheese, turkey, pb&j), mac & cheese, sometimes cereal (yes for lunch).

I guess we're in a rut too! I wish they ate healthier, but they're kinda picky. I oughtta get one of those books that have fun recipes for kids. I worry that they get too much salt too. I'm gonna keep checking back to see what other people suggest for ya. :)

Saric said...

Thanks girls! These are all excellent suggestions! I think I'll try some today.

Kristi said...

My kids are SOOOO picky, so you aren't alone. I am glad too, because I always feel so alone! Chandler is semi-picky, Kennedy is THE PICKIEST and Will eats EVERYTHING!!! Kennedy only eats chicken nuggets, corn dogs, hot dogs, fish sticks, pb sandwiches. That's about it. Well, and all the other unhealthy things life has to offer. Fruit? Heck no! Veggies? Not a one. I just keep hoping she will grow out of it honestly. So I have no good ideas! Just support that you aren't alone in the world of picky eating kids! I do have that Deceptively Delicious cookbook which I hear works wonders, I have only made the mashed potatoes with pureed cauliflower and they liked that. Oh, and I did want to add that I dont make any of the kids something different for dinner. If she doesn't want what I make then she knows she will go to bed hungry. It sounds mean but I don't approach it in a mean way. Good luck!