Monday, May 4, 2009

Updates and some other random stuff

Its that time again! These kiddies are growing up so fast!

Our little Addie Bean is 6 months old. She is sitting up and scooting everywhere. She's eating baby food, and is hungry all the time, which explains the adorable chubby cheeks. My favorite thing about Addie is that she's almost always smiling.

Jackers is a talking machine, and there's no off button. He repeats everything we say, which is a little bit scary.
Today's conversation:
Mom: Its stinky in here, is that you?
Jack: No, actually its Addie.
(It wasn't Addie)

He still loves referring to me and Eric as Eric and Sar. I think he thinks its funny, I kind of do too. If we correct him and say, "I'm mom." He'll say, "I'm Jack." He's finally hitting a little bit of a jealous stage. If I pick Addie up because she's crying, he'll start to cry (so fake, of course). If I turn my back, he'll take Addie's toy away and then run out of the room and hide. One of my favorite things about Jack right now is that he has to end every day with 'dance time'. Each time a song ends he cups his hand around his ear and says, "more song?"

On a completely unrelated note, the kids and I went to the Willits' last week. Jack was in heaven. He's always asking to go to Carrie's house. He loves to play with Colson and 'Boofin'. I love visiting too because I get to see my sisters. Carrie, Taryn and I got to go to the Beehive Bazaar and look at some fun crafts. Thanks to Uncle Brad for babysitting! I really debated on whether or not I should leave Addie, but she was sound asleep when we left (around 9pm), so I thought she would be fine. When we got back home at midnight, we found Brad sitting on the couch holding Jack with Addie laying next to them. I felt so bad! He assured me that he didn't mind, but I still felt terrible. So, thanks again Brad! The funny thing is that I went and set the wide awake Jack on the bed and told him to wait one minute while I went and told Carrie something. By the time I walked out of the room, he had already fallen asleep. I guess he just needed to know I was back.

Ring around the rosies
Exercising with Aunt Carrie


Shelley said...

I love the 6-month old stage! They are a lot of fun at that age. Your kids are getting so big!

diana said...

I just love happy babies...they make life so great. Jack seems like a funny little man.

ryan and danielle said...

i love the pictures of all three of the boys! haha, i just see trouble coming. hahaa. but they are just the cutest boysies!!! and addie is such a cutie, just want to kiss those chubby cheeks!!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

She IS a happy baby! 6 months old?!? Crazy. I love all the smiley pictures. Coopie's really smiley too, and I love it!

Brad's so nice to babysit all those kids! Sounds like a fun time for you sisters. I told Carrie to call me next time that things looked cool!

Cute pictures :)

taryn said...

I loved all those updates, and your funny conversations with Jack! You have the two smiliest (sp?) kids ever, and they both have the sweetest smiles :) I wish I could see them more, it feels like forever, but hopefully I'll see them this week/weekend! And you too :)

Kimbo said...

So much fun. I love updates. I can't believe Addie is 6 months already. She is growing so fast. I just love sister time too. I'm glad you guys aren't too far away so you can still get together and have sister time. It's so fun to see you and Carrie as Moms. You're making it look easy for the rest of us so thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I love Addie's smile! Your kids are so sweet! Thanks for the great pics!

Carrie said...

those are some cute kids and i've been lucky enough to have them at my house for a few days. i feel bad for er-bear. i'm sure he misses his cute fam.

blogginscoggins said...

I love those kiddos! and I miss you and Eric too! I have been sucking it up at blogging lately, but I love looking at y'all blog! Miss you guys