Monday, May 11, 2009

I need a nap

The kids and I went down to Utah for a few days for my cousin's wedding. We had so much fun! Every day was so loaded with activities, we barely had time to breathe, but we wouldn't have changed a thing (except that we wish Eric could have come for all of it too)!

The wedding was at the Morinda Gardens in Provo. It was beautiful! There were tulips everywhere! Jack had fun running around and dancing with his cousins. The bride and groom looked gorgeous and so happy. I thought I had more pictures of all of my cousins, but I realized I took some on my Dad's camera. Whoops! Anyway, after the reception, Dad came over to Carrie's house and we snacked on cheese and crackers and hot chocolate. Yum!

Friday was full of lots of fun things, but I didn't have my camera most of the day. I did happen to get a few shots of the kids playing in the toy room at the barn. I didn't get pictures of lunch with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Lori, Grandma and Grandpa, or all of the cousins hanging out at the barn that night, or the Mother's day tea that Carrie, Taryn and I went to earlier that day.

On Saturday Carrie took Jack, Griff, and Colson to see the fire the fire department was using for training. Then we went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch (delish) and then to BYU campus. It was really fun. I haven't been there in years! The boys had a blast running around. Grampy got the kiddies new BYU shirts, which the boys were really excited about. Grandma and Grandpa Asay met us up there, and hung out for a little while.

Sunday was Mother's day. We went to Salt Lake for brunch with the Kevin Asay clan, but I didn't bring my camera. It figures that I wouldn't bring the camera on the one day Eric actually got to be with us. Oh well!


Shelley said...

What a fun weekend. I always get worn out when things like that go on too, but it is so much fun to be out of the house and see family!

Carrie said...

yeah, it WAS tiring but i wouldn't change a thing either. it was such a fun week. i wish we could do it more often.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all those pictures! Now I feel like I was there! What a very busy, very fun week! How wonderful to have so many of you all together in one place! I guess we should write Josh and Whitney a thank you card (HA!)! Wish I could have been there, but your narrative and pictures are the next best thing!
I love the pictures of the boysies and sweet Addie! That picture of you and jack by the train wheel was crazy!! That is a huge train! Jack looked happy and pleased!

kjirsten said...

I LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES!!! But they do make me sad that we couldn't be there with all of you. What a "fun FILLED" weekend! Love you! (Addie is getting SO big!! -- such a cute girlie!)

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Love all the pictures! I really love that last one of everyone. It's just cute. It was so fun to see you guys. We need to get together again. Let us know when Eric's got a free weekend.

ryan and danielle said...

LOVE ALL THE PICS! what a pretty wedding! and you all looked gorgeous. can't believe you guys did so much in such litle time. glad it was so much fun though! i also love the pic of colsie, griff and jack all hugging like they are just the best of friends! so cute!

taryn said...

It was so fun to finally get to play with your kids a little while you were down! I think Addie and I bonded. Maybe she knows I have her little cousin coming to play with her :) Does that make sense? no, but you get the idea.

Olivia said...

Wow those gardens are gorgeous. It's the perfect place for a wedding– why cart in dozens of cut flowers when you can have them everywhere naturally? Do you know how they found that place? Or do you have the site for it?