Monday, March 9, 2009

You've Been Plundered

Over the past 100 years Americans have enjoyed unbelievable prosperity, even through the very difficult times. We have achieved a wealth in this nation that other countries can’t even conceive in their wildest dreams, even today. Because of this we have a duty and an obligation to be charitable, to share some of the bounty we enjoy. The vast majority of us are more than happy, sometimes even eager to be charitable, to share, to improve the lives of other through some small means or however we may be capable.

Based on this idea, it seems to me that there has been a severe misunderstanding among a significant portion of the population and among our elected officials who represent us on the various levels of government. When I offer to give something, whether it be time, money, goods or services and do so by my own choosing, taking action on a thought that came in to my own mind, this is called charity. When you force me to give of my means, whether it be time, money, goods or services and enforce my “giving” at the point of a gun this is no longer charity, it is coercion.

Taxing the hell out of the productive members of society (I don’t care how rich they might be) and forcing them to give their money to the unproductive members of society (I don’t care how helpless, destitute, or impaired they might be) is not charity, it’s compulsion, coercion, conscription or worse.

I’m sick of politicians who give a song and dance about how we need to help out every person who is on hard times, whether it’s their own fault or not.This is the thing. When charity becomes a government function, we are all screwed, the people being legally plundered and the people dependent on the “charity”. Have you ever been to a VA hospital, a DMV, a circuit court, an inner city public school, social security office or any of the like? They are complete abominations. And these are the people we are putting in charge of charitable concerns?!

Studies have been done that show when money is set aside through some ridiculous government spending bill loaded with pork that is intended for a special interest group like inner city youth programs, up to 70% of the funds intended for said program are eaten up in bureaucracies, regulatory agencies and inefficiencies within the government.At least when the money is given directly to a charity, usually at least half of that money is making it to its intended user. In some cases every last cent donated makes it to its intended source.

When the government takes over these functions through mandatory taxation two things happen, people go from being happy and generous to being unhappy and wanting to be taxed as little as is humanly possible, also because they now have less money they are less willing to give that money to charities who are in need of it, desperately. The government is always less efficient than the private sector and free market. There is no exception to this rule, it is an absolute certainty. Anyone who denies this doesn’t know what the free market is and probably, like Bush and Obama think we’ve had one for the past few decades…..we haven’t.

The point is that all of these people claiming that through government we are going to make the world a better place don’t know what they are talking about. Or they know exactly what they are talking about and are purposely plundering everything they can get from you or me to give to cronies, goons, buddies and special interests long before it ever gets to the place it was supposed to go, and this needs to stop.

We are becoming less and less wealthy as a nation as our drift towards socialism requires a steady increase in the taxation of the people. We are becoming poorer, the government is getting bigger and less efficient and those who have been in need all the while, are still in need.

This needs to stop, good people need to stop laying down and take action. We all need to throw off the shackles and reclaim our liberties before the fight requires our lives, although I'm willing.


ryan and danielle said...

i do agree that charity should come from the honest parts of your heart and not by force because like you said, it isn't really "charity" if we are forced to give.

anyway, can you throw some more pictures of jack and addie up...i miss them dearly and need some new smiling faces! :)