Thursday, March 26, 2009


Last week, Eric was taking an appraisal class in Portland, so the kids and I decided to tag along. We made the 14 (ish) hour drive out there on Monday. It wasn't so bad. Addie slept a lot, and we managed to keep Jack pretty entertained. The last hour of the trip was the hardest. Everyone was sick of the car by then.

Tuesday morning, we were pleased to discover that the continental breakfast the hotel offered was actually quite good. Much better than the stale toast and cold cereal you usually get. Eric was off to class, and we were off the the children's museum (it was raining, so we needed an indoor activity). There were lots of fun things to do. We went to story time, shake rattle and roll (music time), and everything else. Jack's faves were the transportation room (because he got to play with trains), and the Bob the Builder room. Addie didn't really care about any of it.
Wednesday we went to the zoo because it was the only day there wasn't rain in the forecast. The zoo was beautiful. We had a lot of fun at first. We got to see lots of animals, and the weather was perfect. Then it became obvious we needed a break so we went back to the hotel for lunch and naps. After naps we went back to the zoo. This was a mistake. I guess Jack had enough. We saw a few more animals before we called it quits.

Thursday we took a break. Jack needed a normal day. We don't go out on many big adventures at home. We just hung around the hotel all day. We got to see dad on his lunch break, we went swimming, and got to watch Backyardigans. Friday we went to the mall playground. I know it doesn't sound awesome, but it was really fun. I needed a free activity indoors because of the rain, and traveling around with 2 kids and no stroller (we left it at home) was starting to wear on me. Anyway, Jack had a blast. We went back to the hotel for lunch and naps again, and when naps were over, Eric's class was done! The test was over!! So, we went out to the Arboretum. That was the only thing Eric got to do while we were there. That was a bummer, but we still had fun. We really enjoyed Portland and look forward to Eric's next class...well, I do anyway.


Carrie said...

i loved all of the pictures! jack just makes me giggle. i don't know why. there wasn't anything that funny in the pictures but i see him and laugh (in a good way). he's just a cutie and he's always so happy. i guess it's contagious.

it sounds like you and the kids at least had some fun! too bad eric couldn't be there for all of it. you're so good to go out and do activities like that. i probably would have been stuck inside with my kids the whole week because i wouldn't have wanted to attempt it without a husband.

what a CUTE CUTE picture of addie in her little hat and blanket. she's adorable!

those tree pics remind me of twilight. : )

Britton & Jamie said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Your kids are so dang cute too!!

Dave said...

Woo-hoo! My old stomping grounds! I'm glad you got to hang out up there and I'm glad Eric's test went well. Are you guys planning a move soon? ;)

Shelley said...

You are so brave to do a road trip with 2 little ones! I bet Eric appreciated having some company though! So I guess we were both in the rainy Pacific NW at the same time! :)

The Jeppsen 5 said...

I love love love all the pictures!! Especially the one of you carrying Addie and holding Jack's hand-precious! He reminds me of Porter with his little blankie everywhere he goes (we call Portie "Linus" sometimes :) )

Sounds like a fun trip. We like trips like that too (the ones that don't really sound fun, but somehow they are).

Love you guys :)

Anonymous said...

Great trip! I know, even though Eric had to work, that is must have been great for him to see those three cute faces everyday instead of being alone! Also he got to have lunch with you once and breakfast and dinner! The pictures were all great and fun and beautiful! I especially loved Jack brushing the dinosaur's teeth, Addie and Jack nose to nose, the three of you on the path, Addie in the bjorn smiling, and Jack by the big tree where all you see of the tree is the huge trunk and little Jack!

taryn said...

We love Oregon! Its so pretty and green and tree-y. Too bad it was so rainy while you were there, but it looked like you guys still had lots of fun! I also loved the pic of Jack brushing the dino's teeth and addie's cute happy face!

Kimbo said...

What a super fun little family getaway. I loved all of the pictures and I can't believe how big Addie is getting. She is such a pretty little girl. Way to go mom being a trooper and planning such fun things to do. And way to go dad for working hard! You guys are so much fun :)

ryan and danielle said...

OMG! is it ok if i steal the pic of jack and addie face to face! my heart melted when I saw that one! Such sweet babies! :) How neat for you guys to be able to do such fun activities while you were there!

p.s. are those bangs new? if not, i must be having a brain fart....anyway I like your hair!

caroline said...

What a cute pair those two make!!! You're such a good mom to plan and do those fun activities with your cuties in Oregon! What a great get away. I love the picture of Addie's smiley face and the Jack's scrunchy nose- such CUTE kids.

Kristi said...

I'm just now getting around to reading this! So props to you for taking your kiddos out in an unfamilair city! I would be so scared to do that, I'm such a wimp! You're such a cute, fun mom. The pics were so cute, I loved Jack brushing the alligator's teeth. Addie is ADORABLE!!! OH MY GOSH! Love her smile! I love road trips, it's fun that you can go now since the kids are still small. Once they get into school it's a bummer that you get so limited to the places you can go. Enjoy these times!