Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just for you

This is for Aunt Danielle, who has been requesting a little update on the kiddies.

JACK:-Likes to call us Sar and Er instead of Mom and Dad.

-He loves to tell Addie no. When she sucks on her fingers, he'll say, "uh-uh Aaee, stop it, no sir, no sir!"

-We've been trying for awhile now to get Jack to say Danielle, but it always comes out Dance, or Amber.

-He loves to color, and then narrate as he does it. "I colorin mom, I colorin cow, mom..."

-He loves his baby sister. Whenever he sees her he'll say, "Aaee cute. I wike it Aaee. Hi Aaee bean, hi Aaee bean!"

-He's learning to say please, but thinks that if he says please he can have whatever he wants.

-He likes to do things on his own. He refuses to hold my hand.

-Likes to share his cars with Addie, and thinks its really cool when she plays with them.

-Calls all letters A, and all numbers 2.

-Whenever I ask if he wants to go bye bye, he says, "yeah, Carrie's house," or, "yeah, walmart!"

-He loves to sing the snowman and popcorn songs.

-He likes to talk on the phone (his fake phones). He usually talks to Daddy, or (his cousin) Colson. He always says, "Hiyo, Aaee's seepin."

ADDIE: -She is one smiley bug!

-She drools a lot.

-Has the cutest little grunty, growly thing (its probably something only her parents could love, and we do).

-She likes to roll around.

-She devours rice cereal.

-She likes to be carried the the Baby Bjorn, facing out.

-She is soo chubby!

-Anything that comes close to her face runs the risk of being pulled into her mouth.

-Her hands will grab anything. She's always pulling my hair out.

-She is such a good baby.

-She tolerates her brother pretty well.

Sorry Aunt Dan. This is the best video I've gotten of him saying Danielle. If you listen really close right at the beginning, he says Danielle, but when I ask him to say it again, he decides Amber is easier.


The Jeppsen 5 said...

I'm not Danielle, but I love all the pictures and updates!!

They're SOOO cute! I love how they look-they look alike, and just like you and Eric.

That binky picture is way cute :)

Carrie said...

cute pictures and cute little descriptions. i love hearing all the things jack says and does.

the 'please' thing reminded me of colsie. he says please so sweetly and so i think what a well behaved child i have. but then i say no and he throws a colossal fit and says, "but i said pleeease!"

taryn said...

I love the binky picture too! I can tell that jack thinks he's being pretty funny! The fact that Jack says Amber instead of Danielle makes me think of how Griff calls you taryn and not sarah... now you know that its probably just because its easier for him to say my name! Loved the updates!

caroline said...

Cuuuute update! I love Addie's chubby cheeks and toothless grin and Jack's blankie and thumb picture (reminds me of my Bella:)
Miss you guys!

ryan and danielle said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Not gonna lie I teared up a little when i looked at all the pics and read what they are up to!!!They are so sweet and I will never be able to get enough of them!!! thanks again! I am now satisfied for a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

That was a great post! A little bit of everything (pictures, video, and a good dialog about each child)! I loved reading all the things Jack is saying and doing - what a fun age! Addy is a smiley girl, with some serious cheeks! What a cutie! i can't wait to get my hands on both of them!

Shelley said...

I'm glad you updated...your kids are so funny. I love reading all the silly things kids say and do. And that binky picture is priceless!

ryan and danielle said...

please, feel free to continue the updates! :) I have visited this post like 3 times a day!