Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I'm back in school....and it is very similar to the show Community. The primary difference is that on television it's a lot funnier. I am surrounded by recent graduates of high school (some of them I think are current students) and 50 year old moms taking another crack at it. I kind of feel stuck in the middle. I had some curve balls thrown at me over the last 3 months that have really left me no choice. Taking 4 community college classes that have absolutely nothing to do with my career choice are essentially the difference in me doubling my income over the next 2 years or I could do nothing and stay on this same plateau. Shenanigans I tell you. So through the hoops I jump. I really enjoy learning but I hate, hate, hate with the fire of 1,000 suns being compelled to learn useless crap. Make no bones about it - and our high school teachers were lying, there is plenty of stuff you will never use in the real world. A lot of the time making a good grade in the class has little or nothing to do with your knowledge of the material but how well you can predict what your teacher wants to hear. The silver lining is that I have to take a political science class where I am able and even given assignments to rant and rave about the government. All we need is a Jeff Winger and a witty Abed type to keep it light.


taryn said...

Hahaha! We love that show! I hope that school is going okay. You don't have to tell me twice about the ridiculousness of jumping through hoops. I hate it, but I do it just because I know I can, and when I'm done maybe I can do something to change the education system in America. But first I have to be able to stand on my own two feet.