Monday, December 15, 2008

This week in pictures

You really don't need to specify a week or a day for that matter, playing with trains is a constant.
Addie is getting to be very smiley. It's a lot of fun to talk to her and have her respond with something other than spit up.

Carrie, Colson and Griffin came over to play. It was really fun to have them here again. Jack LOVES his cousins.

We had a pretty decent snow storm over the weekend. Turns out that Jack really enjoys the snow.

This was Adeline right before we left for church.


Shelley said...

Those are some really great pictures! Too bad you don't live closer...we have 3 buckets of trains and tracks out right now. Carson is a little obsessed too...

Carrie said...

addie looks so cute in her sunday outfit!!

thanks for letting us come over! it was so much fun! griff's sitting in my lap right now, pointing at the pictures of jack on the computer saying, "jacky! jacky, mama!" they just love your kids (and you two). your pic of the boys is better than mine.

ryan and danielle said...

i think jack and addie get cuter every time you show us more pics!! LOVE the one of jack in the snow! how precious! and i can't wait to see addie's smiley face, she looks beautiful for church!

Anonymous said...

Just a few days and we'll get to see all this cuteness in person!! Jack and Addie are so beautiful! I love their smiles - they are full of joy! Lynn suggested we take Jack to see some trains in Texas - I agree with that perfect suggestion!

Anonymous said...

PS So glad Jack is getting to log some time in his really cute snow boots! He looks so happy out in the snow! I also love the train time with thumb sucking and the Christmas tree in the background! i hope Santa knows about Thomas and trains! (HA)

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Look how beautiful your kids are!! Love all the pictures! Addie's little outfit is so cute!! That's fun that Carrie and the cousins came up! Cousins are so fun!! Love you guys!!

PS when do you go to TX?? Probably pretty long are you there??

kj said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! I can't wait to see you . . . SOON!

p.s. where did you get Addie's cute shoes? :)

blogginscoggins said...

I'm so glad you guys are here for Christmas! Can't wait to spend time with ALL of you