Saturday, October 4, 2008

You know what we don't need...

The United States Postal Service is a complete waste. We don't need the USPS. Most of what they deliver is unwanted or un-needed garbage that is wasteful and harmful. Think of the amount of money the government could save if they weren't paying for the jobs, benefits, fuel, vehicles, maintaining buildings, planes, real estate, etc. used by the USPS. Fed-Ex, UPS and DHL along with several other private sector companies are already in place and doing a better job than the USPS...afterall they HAVE to compete for your business.

Just another example of our government being far too big and getting bigger, doing things and providing services that aren't needed and definitely not wanted.


Brady and Taryn said...

Get this, we can't even get our mail regularly because for some reason the usps cannot remember where we live. Is it really that hard? We're in the same place as we were yesterday, and last week when you deliviered our mail. Over half of our mail always has "return to sender, delivered to wrond address", so apparently they ALWAYS deliver it to the wrong address first, and then somehow find the actual address after. Is there not a pattern that you see Postal Servie? So we get everything about 3 weeks late.