Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here is a tag from my friend Kim. Where I've been and where I'm going.
20 years ago...
1. 7 years old, living in the "green house" as we all liked to call it. It was green on the outside, and just about everything on the inside was green too.
2.Lots of playing outside with our neighbors, Leslie and Lauren. And lots of getting in trouble for giggling too late at night (Carrie, Taryn, and I all shared a room).

10 years ago...
1.17 years old, trying to make it through one last year of high school
2.Working hard to make up all of the seminary I didn't attend in the last 4 years (I'm proud to say I finished all the work and officially graduated from Seminary before I started BYU!).

5 years ago...
1.Trying to focus on school while getting ready for our wedding. Oddly, that was one of my best semesters.
2.I was exercising a lot. I wish I had that same focus and determination now.

1 year ago...
1.We took Jack on his first trip out of the country (to Jamaica for Danielle's wedding).
2.We also went to Taryn's wedding in TX, and Eric's cousin's wedding in Chicago.

So far this year...
1.Found out we're having a baby, and its a girl!
2.Sent a brother and a brother-in -law off on missions.

1.Prepared my lesson for my primary class, and made handouts for activity days.
2.Made the mistake of letting my 20 month old fall asleep at 7:45 and paid dearly for it this morning.

1.Went to church.
2.Went on a walk with my family to the park.

1.We'll probably go to the library. We read through every book Jack owns at least 3 times a day. We're all ready for something new.
2.I need to dust.

Next Month
1.We'll add a little girl to the mix!
2.My in-laws are coming out here to celebrate Grandma's 80th!

In the next year...
1.We'll move to a new house (still in Evanston).
2.A lot more of the same old stuff along with learning to balance life with 2 kids.

In the next 5-10 years...
1.We'll probably be done having kids (somewhere in the ballpark of 5).
2.Hopefully we'll be back in TX, or somewhere a little bit closer to family.

There you have it! If you feel like reminiscing about the good old days, feel free to continue the tag!


Ryan & Danielle said...

awww, how funny to think that once back in the day you and carrie and taryn were all in the same room! haha! so cute!

cant wait for addie and the other 3 babies to join your family in the future! we are so excited for oct!

diana said...

5 kids, WOW!!! My hands are full with just one.

caroline said...

5 is our "lucky" number too we think. We hope you guys are here in TX (hopefully Austin area:) around that time so that we can have cousins to play with.

Kimbo said...

You're so great! Thanks for keeping the tag going...Gosh when you brought up seminary that made me start sweating just thinking about it. I too remember the days of stackfuls of makeup work. Glad that is over with. I too hope you can end up closer to family. I hope the second baby comes easy for you and that the balance of two kiddos isn't to hard. I hear it can be an adjustment. Sounds like you guys have exciting times ahead of you! It's so great to be in touch again through the happy land of blogging :)