Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm stupid

the scene: a mild and overcast wednesday afternoon. eric nears the completion of an appraisal inspection in rock springs.

the conversation:
eric: i'm all done. we'll get something back to your bank within a couple of days.

homeowner: sounds good

eric: you're welcome. have a good one.

eric's inner dialogue: you idiot! they didn't say thank you. why are you throwing out a preemptive "you're welcome"? they must think your a complete moron right now. either that or completely rude. as if to say that they must be thankful for my services whether or not they verbally state as much. why don't you just walk back to your truck and hope that they don't think about it too long. you trigger happy poor excuse of a polite conversationalist.


Ryan & Danielle said...

hahaha, that's funny! maybe you should quit being such a jerk! haha! jk. love ya!

Brad and Carrie Willits said...

at least they didn't compliment you and you responded with "your welcome".

i've done that, and let me tell you, it was embarrassing!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

wow...Eric's pretty tough on you, Eric!

Brady and Taryn said...

Haha, this reminds us of when we get food and the waitress says "enjoy your meal" and we say "you too". (p.s. Brian Regan does a funny bit about "you too" if you ever want to look it up)

becky said...

Yes, this also reminded me of Brian Regan. Take luck!!

caroline said...

I'm probably the worse in our family about doing that kind of stuff- I'm always telling myself (on a daily basis), "now what did I just say , dang it!"