Friday, February 17, 2012

Ron Paul in Twin Falls

Late on Tuesday I learned that Ron Paul was going to be speaking in Twin Falls, ID on Thursday. Since that is only about 3.5 hours away and the chance of him coming to WY or UT are slim (due to WY's very low general population and UT's last in the nation caucus) I talked Sarah and the kids in to joining me for a road trip on Thurs. We were able to get some seats about 12 rows back in the auditorium where he was speaking, which is pretty awesome. Seeing Ron Paul speak is a lot more like going to a rock concert versus the somber church like feel I've experienced when politicians speak. It half fulfilled one of my bucket list items. Unfortunately the other half, getting my picture taken with him, will have to wait for another time.

The kids did pretty good considering they had just spent the previous 4ish hours in the truck. Jack and Addie were pretty pumped and cheered at all the appropriate times and were even caught chanting 'Ron Paul.' Yeah, you're right I'm brainwashing my kids. No matter what I think it will be a cool thing to look back on, especially for Jack since he is really the only one of the kids who stands a chance of remembering it.

Also, I have the greatest wife in the world. One who let's me be spontaneous with this kind of stuff and totally supports me in it. She bore the brunt of making it go, as always.


David said...

What did he talk about?

Sarah said...

He covered the spectrum.
here is the full speech.

danielle said...

how fun! Reama actually tried to get in and just before she was about to get in they cut the line off! such a bummer! Glad you guys were able to get in and see him live, I bet you were in hog heaven!! And kuddos to sas for letting this all go down....not sure I would have been so brave.

kjirsten said...

Glad you guys got to go! I'll bet it will be one of the highlights of Eric's year! ;) What a cute little family sittin' in those seats :)

B'sAntiBlog said...

Wow you do have the best wife!