Thursday, December 16, 2010

North Pole Express

Because we knew Jack would love it...we decided to fork over the big bucks in order to ride the North Pole Express in Heber. We had a hard time finding a setting on our camera that didn't end up with terrible lighting, so sorry for the poor quality and lack of pictures.

For us, the highlights of the ride include: the punching of our tickets (although he wasn't quite as skilled as the conductor on the real Polar Express), the 'elves' passing out cookies and hot choc-o-lot, Mrs. Claus, caroles, the workshops along the way (they were actually just houses that were decorated for Christmas, but I thought it was really cute that Jack thought they were Santa's workshops), and of course, SANTA!
Classic Jack
Helping out with the 12 days of Christmas
Nervous giggles (she wasn't sure about Santa)
For Christmas, I want a train I can ride on


Shelley said...

I'm still sad we missed you guys! Looks like Jack had fun!

Anonymous said...

I love these happy faces! What a FUN treat! I can tell they really loved it! It must have seemed sur-real and magical! What a fun mom and dad to plan such a special day!

Kelli said...

How fun! We need to take advantage of the great things they have going on in Utah. Anytime you guys are near Spanish Fork, swing on by.

AmyJ said...

Looks so fun! Fun memories to have forever :)

Carrie said...

those kids are just too cute!! i just get a big smile on my face when i see pictures. too bad you and eric aren't big on picture-taking. looks like a fun little outing. i'm sure jack was in HEAVEN!!

Kristi said...

That looks like so much fun. I would love to do that someday. Will really likes trains so much and I always think of Jack and his love for trains. I've never had a child that loves trains until now.