Sunday, October 17, 2010

Addie Louie just turned Two-ey!

Our little girlie had her 2nd birthday on Monday (Oct 11)! Its so weird to me how sometimes she just seems like my little tiny baby, and other times she's a big girl.

Things that make her seem old:
-She is talking really well, and is constantly shocking us with the words and phrases that she already knows. You can have a pretty interesting conversation with this girl!
-She is mostly potty trained, which is awesome! We're saving a pretty good chunk of money by not having to buy diapers at the moment. I haven't changed a diaper in 6 weeks!
-She likes to do everything herself. She feeds herself, climbs into her car seat herself, and tries to put her clothes on by herself.

Things that make her seem little:
-She still loves her paci. She wants to have it ALL THE TIME! It drives me nuts! Especially since I give in a lot because of the exhausted state I'm in. I am proud to say that today, she's only had her paci at nap time!
-She still uses a juice cup. We could probably break her of this habit, but to be honest, I don't really see the need.

So, in true Eric and Sarah fashion, we don't have many pictures to post from her birthday. That's partly because she wouldn't sit still, so I got tired of trying, but here are a few:


caroline said...

Happy birthday Addie girl! I loved reading this post! I feel like I know her better- what a fun girl! I can't believe she's potty trained already! As for the paci, be glad it's not her thumb:)
She's got till 4 before it becomes an issue any way, and she looks so cute with it! Love you Addie!

Jacqueline said...

Oh Addie girl! Happy Birthday! I'm so glad that we got to come for awhile on her birthday! She's such a cutie!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY for our little 2 year old! What a QT! You're right about her being so grown up! I absolutely love having conversations with her! she looks so cute! And Jack looks so happy just to celebrating with her! I love her blowing out her candles! Her hair is so fun and her grocery cart all her fun things are great! We sure love those two little guys and can't for Ellie to join in the fun!
Love you all,

taryn said...

Happy Birthday to Addie! You're ahead of me, I haven't even posted any pictures of Olivia's birthday party...over a month ago. She is a cute patoot! She looks so happy in these pictures!

Britton & Jamie said...

What a cutie! So, what is your potty training secret?!! :>

AmyJ said...

Happy Birthday, Addie!! How great is that first picture?? Love it!! I'm glad she still loves her paci, 'cause so does Coop, and it bugs me too-espesh when he tries to talk with it in his mouth. Looks like a fun little birthday! What a cute girl!!

Tastes Kinda Minty said...

Wow! 2 already?!! Where did the time go? Seems like she was just the baby not long ago! She is one cute little girl! Hope to see you all soon!
Happy Birthday Addie!

kjirsten said...

Happy Birthday big girl!! Looks like it was one FUN day! Thanks for posting Sarie . . . it's so fun to hear about those cuties! Can't wait to get Addie and Claire together . . . sounds like Claire could learn a thing or two from Addie . . . (like how to use the potty!) I'm jealous you're not buying diapers. (well at least not for another week or so, right? :)

Sarah said...

Ooo, Kjirst! I'm not professional, but I'd love to try showing you what I know in an afternoon! I'm excited!

And Jamie~ I wish I had good advice about potty training, but it hasn't been easy with Addie. That's why I say she's MOSTLY potty trained! I just hope you have A LOT of patience!!

Carrie said...

happy birthday little addie bean. i just love this little girl. she's so sweet and happy. she always has the biggest cutest little smile on her face and she makes me smile too.

Kristi said...

I guess I forgot that Addie was born on my birthday! The best day of the whole year to have a birthday! ;) Happy Birthday Addie!! I'm jealous of the potty training thing, I wish I was not spending money on diapers still.