Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Stuff

I'm terrible at blogging! Sorry! So, we've been doing lots of stuff, but Eric and I both hate stopping to take pictures, so I don't really have any. We went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens and I took one picture (and unless you know where he is, you can't really see Jack).
We went to the zoo, and I didn't even bring the camera. We spent a week in Park City with my family. I brought the camera, but I only took 2 pictures...
So, let's skip all the stuff we've been up to that we don't have pictures of. Currently in our house, we are in the middle of a major power struggle! I'm not talking about Eric and I. These kids are crazy! Jack and Addie had been so easy. They had us tricked into thinking the gap between them was perfect because they were so easy. They had their tantrums and things, but seriously, nothing was too hard to handle. We planned baby #3, and were on our way to a 5 person super easy family when everything got flipped upside down! In all fairness, I think part of the problem is my pregnancy. This is the first time being pregnant has actually altered my personality, and its been really hard for me. Then on top of that, Addie has officially entered the terrible 2's, which are nothing compared to the stage Jack is in. He's really trying to figure out where the boundaries are, and what he can get away with. Its driving me nuts! Discipline is soo hard! How do you maintain a level head but convince your child that you're serious and that action is not allowed? Eric thinks I'm funny when I'm mad, and I'm pretty sure Jack does too, so it makes things really difficult and frustrating.

So that's my rant. This next bit is semi unrelated, but that's okay. Addie's favorite past time is putting on makeup. You can find her like this anytime you forget to lock the bathroom door.
Jack was so excited the other day that he was just running around the house in circles. He was going so fast he tripped on a pillow and slammed his face into the fireplace. Luckily nothing broke or even got bloody, but he has a pretty good bruise. Its kind of hard to see in the picture, but it curls around his cheek and goes up into his eye.
This one IS part of our power struggle. Our kids need naps. They get really mean if they skip one, so I try to keep them on track. But I really need them to take naps too. I'm exhausted, and I need that little bit of time in the day to regain my composure after all the craziness. A few days ago, Jack didn't want to take a nap. I told him that was fine, but he needed to stay in his room and play quietly for a little while because we both needed a break. He refused, and said instead he was just going to sit on the top of the stairs. Fine! It got pretty quiet, so I assumed he gave up and went to his room. I went to get Addie from her nap, and found Jack sound asleep on the stairs.


taryn said...

Poor Jack's face. They are both so funny and cute! Brady's mom always made them have quiet time too, even if they weren't sleeping, all the way til they were like 8 or something. When they were older she didn't make them go in a room or anything, but just told them they had to be quiet and either write in their journal, color/draw, or read for 30 min to an hour. I can already tell I'm not going to want to let go of Livy's nap time either.

diana said...

Bless your heart!!

caroline said...

Oowie!! Poor Jackers!! I remember feeling the way you did when I was pregnant with Bella just as Zach and Sav started hitting some destructive/busy phases...hang in there! It gets better. Now the altered personality...i'm afraid that doesn't get better with each pregnancy(at least not for me:) you're such a good mom, they'll recover and forgot the pregnancy crazies!
Ps-lily has the same matching target flower shirts that Addie and Olivia have on. They must be cousins!

Anonymous said...

So fun to see all the pictures and "hear" the stories! It's great for you to have this documentation because you will all love reading it and laughing about all the "craziness"! Hang in there!
It was so wonderful to be with you all in PC! I sure LOVE my family!
love you all, mom

kjirsten said...

I really feel bad for you, cause I know your tired (being pregnant and all) . . . but I also secretly love hearing about other people's trials with raising children. It makes me feel a little bit more normal. (The personality changing pregnancy, the never remembering to take pictures, the kids who think they know better than me - and who think I'm "mean" when they don't get their way, the three clothing changes a day/per child, the messes in the rooms I just cleaned, etc, etc.) And while it's really hard for me to find humor in my own disfunction, I always find humor in other people's . . . in the sense that I'm finally able to laugh at the very trial that I'm struggling with -- because I can look at it from a distance, and I can see that I'm not alone and not crazy -- I can relate, which means other people can relate to me! Only then is it funny. So, I LOVE hearing about your "kid struggles" -- Only because I feel your pain, and can totally relate. It makes me appreciate motherhood, in all it's capacities. I promise it will be better once again, but these hard "phases" are really so good for us -- if nothing else,they help us appreciate all the sweet moments in motherhood, and give us something to laugh about later. I love you Sarie . . . and just so YOU know, you are one of the most amazing mothers that I know. (And you have REALLY sweet kids -- even if they are trying on new behaviors, at the moment). Hang in there . . . you're doing GREAT!!

AmyJ said...

Poor Jack! Addie's cute with the make-up!! I love KJ's comment! I feel the same way about hearing about others' struggles-makes me feel more normal too :) Unfortunately, it will probably get crazier when the new one gets here, but you're doing great and I know you can handle it!! And, if it's any consolation, at least we know that mom's do sometimes know best--you told Jack he needed a nap, he said no, and look-he fell asleep anyway :)

Love ya!!