Sunday, August 8, 2010


This weekend was the Evanston Rounhouse Festival. It's a huge model train show that train enthusiasts come all over the western states to attend and to raise money for the renovations that are left to do there. We have always liked the old train buildings and now that they are being restored they are pretty impressive. Also we do have some familial ties as well with my great grandfather having worked at the roundhouse back in its hay day. Needless to say Jackson was beside himself with excitement to get there and we spent the vast majority of Saturday checking out all of the model trains and enjoying all of the train stuff to do.

...And an Addie picture for fun.


Anonymous said...

YAY! It finally came! I know Jack was so excited! I love the pictures - he is so attentive and cute! Love the hands clasped or folded behind his back - so serious about his trains! Love the double passies on Addie! What a fun and special day!

Shelley said...

My boys can't wait until the model train show comes back in town! It was a lot of fun last time. And your tummy is getting cute Sarah! :)

taryn said...

Like mom, I love his hands behind his back. He is looking so old! And I also love Addie's double pacifier mouth, and her dress.

diana said...

What a fun thing to do! My little man would have loved to see all the trains.
Sarah, your little baby bump is so darn cute!

danielle said...

how my gosh! what a cute little stinker! i love how in the pics he looks just so into what he is seeing, with his little hands folded in front of him and behind him! i think you seriously have an engineer on your hands!!

and addie is a cutie too! love the double binky pic!

kjirsten said...

Ohhhh, I miss your cute family . . . what a super-fun outing (ESPECIALLY for JACK!!!!!) I agree with everyone else, he looks so BIG and absolutely ENTHRALLED!! (and I love Addie's double pacies!) Love you all!