Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How well do you know your geography?

Sometime in the middle of the week I usually go on a bunch of inspections for work which usually means several hours in the truck with a co-worker, Rob. Today that meant 12 hours in the truck (Wyoming is quite spread out) and he asked me if I could name all of the states. I felt pretty confident that I could and even bet him next week's lunch over it. He whipped out his laptop and started typing and counting all of the states that I said. I got to 49 and hit the wall. (I never learned the stupid states in alphabetical order so I was going by the map in my head) I couldn't come up with Wisconsin. Anyway, it frustrated me so I came home and found this quiz

I got a perfect score when I took it and could see all of the states in front of me. One of my fears is that one day I will be interviewed by someone like Jay Leno when he is "Jay Walking" and be that total idiot who can't say the pledge or name our first president or something. How sharp is your American geography? There are other quizzes at this site too for other parts of the world. It's pretty embarrassing for me, especially in the Asia quiz. 


Carrie said...

ooh! i like these kinds of things. sarah and i did a quiz at your house online one time. i think we did europe and i wasn't as good as i thought i would be. it's sad.