Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Have no fear...Super Jack is here!

We went to Colson's Superhero party!!

Meet my little superheroes...Dr. Quantum (he can travel through time), and his sidekick...Shrill (she can melt your face with her supersonic screams)!

I never got a picture of Jack in all of his superhero gear. I would have needed super speed to snap a shot before the sunglasses came off, and I'm surprised the cape stayed on as long as it did!

He had so much fun! I think he was a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of kids. He just hung back most of the time and tried everything the bigger kids did after they were done.
His favorite part was the Mr. Freeze dance that they did to celebrate the defeat of Dr. Doom!
If you want to know the details of the party (which were very well thought out and executed), you can check it out here.


Carrie said...

jack's so cute. i'm surprised he kept his cape on, too. i couldn't even get a pic with griff (i mean superman) in a cape. i think shrill's favorite part was also the dancing. so cute.

taryn said...

I love jack in his cape! And his rain boots are so cute too. I love the pics of him just hanging back and getting everything all to himself when the other kids leave. Smart boy :) I can't wait to play with them on Saturday, and see you guys!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Aww...what cute little super heroes! Brad and Carrie did such a great job on that party! Love all the pictures :)

diana said...

I love Shrills outfit, her leggings are just too cute.

caroline said...

What a great party!!! And such cute little superheroes!!! I just love addie's smiles and that it takes Jack a little to warm up...all of my kiddos are like that too- I think it's cute!

Amy said...

How fun! Little Addie is growing up so quick - love her outfit.

ryan and danielle said...

so cute! jack and addie look precious!

Anonymous said...

Love those super heros! Really cute costumes! Jack looks like he was a great dancer and freezer!

Kristi said...

You Asay girls are all so creative, I love it! Jack and Addie are super cute superheroes. Fun party.

Thanks for your kind words on my post. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. :) I know all the prayers being sent up above in my behalf are why I am getting through this.