Saturday, August 23, 2008

Demetri Martin says...

Sometimes I get jealous of my nephew Colson's most excellent quotes. Since Jack doesn't talk like that yet and it is pretty socially unacceptable for me to talk like that (plus I'm not sure I'm smart enough to put a sentance together that is both witty and complete with a fair slathering of boyish charm) I thought I would continue to promote my favorite comic.

"Sort of’ is a filler, but at the end of a sentence, it can mean everything,” “I love you. You’re going to live. It’s a boy.” - Demetri Martin


Brad and Carrie Willits said...

I LOVE that quote!!

i tried once to find a demitri martin video to put in my sidebar, but couldn't find one that would be COMPLETELY unoffensive to everyone who reads my blog. not that he's way vulgar, but there was always one little word or reference that might not sit well with some people.

quotes are the way to go.