Friday, December 30, 2011

Hi there, I believe we've met before

A few weeks ago I got an iPhone which means that I have actually taken some pictures lately.
This is going to be a little lop-sided in Addie's favor. She is just too dramatic and draws a lot of attention.
The kids

Addie helped Sarah make some Christmas treats.

Addie in time-out for sneaking Christmas treats to her room and eating them.

The kids making gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve.

Eating said gingerbread houses.

Christmas jammies. Yes, Adeline is using her toothbrush as a mascara brush.

Addie's vanity on Christmas morning.

Addie dressed for church on Christmas

We did Christmas at our house this year for the first time since we have had children. We usually make the annual trip to Texas to be with family but decided that we should allow the kids to wake up in their own beds on Christmas morning from time to time. We had a blast. It was a lot of fun to just not have an agenda. I'm not gonna lie, we save a lot of money by staying home too. In fact, we have paid off all debt except for our mortgage (and we owe our parents some money but they are much nicer creditors).

Work has been nuts. Ron Paul rules the earth whether you like it or not. I haven't been able to read nearly enough this year. Work, school and church have taken a lot of time throughout the year. The Mav's are looking shaky but no worries, we are setting up to make some big moves next year.

The first 30 seconds of this song are awesome.

We have always been big fans of music but have been mostly off the grid for hmm, about a decade. There are a few songs that we have found lately that we enjoy. Such as:

Here's a sign that we are getting old. I recently got a free Xbox and I returned it for grocery money. Yes, I would rather have money for groceries than play video games.

Winter set in about 2 months ago and we are beginning to get a bit stir crazy from a lack of outside activity.

I play basketball most Saturday mornings and feel every bit of it most Sunday afternoons. Creaks and cracks, pops and swelling are now commonplace on my crappy 30 year old body.

When Ellie snuggles with you and you are laying on the ground, she sits on your head.
This isn't the best representation of it but you get the idea.

Sarah was in our room the other day which is consequently also where my "office" is. Jack came in and sat in my chair and asked Sarah if he could be an appraiser one day. She said something along the lines of 'yeah sure, if you want to.' Jack said that he wanted to be an appraiser so we could be together all of the time. It made me cry. I cry far more than I probably should. I blame the kids again. I worry that I don't use time with the kids well enough. I worry that before I know it they are going to be screaming that they hate me and slamming the front door as they storm out. I realize that there is such a short window of time that kids, when they are still kids want to spend time with their parents and actually believe we can do no wrong. I hope we use that wisely.

The good news is that Jack is becoming helpful with 'man' tasks and when I'm splitting firewood or building a shelf his assistance is of benefit. I like how most of the time when I ask him to bring a tool or something he actually brings the right one.

Jack is addicted to my iPhone. Maybe more than I am. Angry Birds has got a hold on that one.

Sometimes I wish we lived in a place that had more cultural diversity. I want our kids to be able to have many friends with backgrounds from all over the world.

All 3 of em giving Grandma Great's recliner a workout.

How's that for random?